what would you do
if it were true
that marijuana makes wonderful fuel
natural gas
given from grass
biodegradable vegetable mass
behind the wheel
the hemp-mobile
fill 'er up sir with semsimilla
do you suspect
do you conject
marijuana stops the greenhouse effect
green everywhere
filtering air
acres of oxygen for all to share
oh say can you see
the mari-hoochy
in the land of the brave and the home of the free
mind in a  mess
suffering stress
roll up a round one and give it a rest
stomach unkind
can't make up its mind
fire up a fat one and it will feel fine

here comes a shock
conservative heart
the Gutenberg Bible is printed on pot
not just the word
haven't you heard
even Old Glory is hemmed out of herb
don't just say nope
no mind no scope
President Washington grew his own dope

ganga I think
makes straight men blink
consciousness covered with government ink
they appear dense
no common sense
experts expounding without experience
they just say naught
no second thought
to all the prescriptions that they ever bought

all is amiss
at the abyss
all that seems left is a last good-bye kiss
to scientists
searching the mist
maybe the missing link is cannabis
to politicians
playing positions
leading the lunacy lost to ambition
loosen the law
drop the drug war
let reason all around the realm be restored